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Design & Drafting

While it’s not unusual for a fabrication business to have drafting capabilities, a fabrication business with full design capabilities is a different story. And that’s what you get at Jet Engineering.

Our hands on experience in the mining industry combined with our impressive fabrication capabilities gives us an unparalleled ability to design products that are operator friendly, maintainer friendly, and fabricator friendly.

We’ve operated machinery both underground and on the surface, so we understand the consequences of poor design work. In our repair and overhaul work we’ve been called on to repair and maintain machines that have been designed without any thoughts of maintenance so we know how frustrating and costly it can be. And as fabricators we know how difficult it can be to fabricate off drawings that don’t provide enough detail.

When it comes to design and drafting our philosophy is to do as much work as possible on the computer screen, thereby minimising the man hours required during manufacture, and reducing the potential for mistakes and rework.

These days the vast majority of our design work is 3D modelled using SolidWorks.  AutoCAD is also still used for legacy work, and on the rare occasion when 2D drafting is required.

All Jet’s drafting work complies with AS1100.201-1992: Mechanical Engineering Drawing.


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