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General Fabrication

When it comes to fabrication, our 1000m2 workshop is fully equipped with all of the machines that we need to manage and complete your projects in house. This means shorter turn-around times and more stringent quality control, all while keeping costs to a minimum.

Our workshop is crewed by an exceptional team of dedicated boilermakers, with over 100 years of combined experience. Most of our team are long term employees who understand the Jet approach, and our dedication to delivering quality results and outstanding customer service.

Over the years we’ve taken on projects ranging from brackets and handrails to mine entry portals. Following are some examples that showcase the legendary “Jet standard” of manufacture.


Regardless of whether you require carbon steel pipework or stainless steel pipework, we are fully equipped to handle all of your pipe fabrication requirements.

Pump Bases

We design and manufacture pump bases specific to the required combination of pump, motor and drive coupling.  Standard features include lifting points, two piece coupling guard and motor jacking bolts.

Work Benches

From the simplest of workshop benches, through to elaborate workshop computer cupboards, we can custom design and manufacture work benches that meet your exact requirements.

Transport Baskets

We have a number of different designs for transport baskets, each customised to meet a customer's exact requirements.  Whether you need to transport oil drums, or gas cylinders, or whether you need pallet sized baskets, or stackable baskets, we can offer a storage basket that is perfect for the job.

Mesh Reeler

One of our first product designs, the mesh reeler provides a quick and easy way of barricading off an area.  Potential uses include:
  • Setting up drop zones for working at heights
  • Isolating machines during commissioning
  • Cordoning off a hazardous area, or accident site
The original, innovative design of our mesh reeler features a pivoting frame, allowing the mesh to lay flat while it is being rolled up.  The frame also features storage positions for the 4 x free standing corner posts.

Oil Tanks

We can design and manufacture oil tanks to meet with your exact requirements.  Options include:
  • Filler / breathers
  • Various styles of sight glass
  • Mounting point for spear style pump
  • Drain tray for oil filters
  • Lifting points
  • Anchor points
  • Partitioned tanks for storing multiple types of oil
Our tanks are designed to comply with AS1692-2006 and can be bunded in accordance with AS1940-2004 if required.

Caged Ladders

We design and manufacture caged ladders that comply with AS1654-1992.

Stairways, Walkways, Handrails

We design and manufacture stairways, walkways and handrails that comply with AS1657-1992.

Concrete Cast Ins

From form angles, to edge protection to cast in rails, we supply a comprehensive range of concrete cast in products.

Shaker Grids

We custom design shaker grids to suit the wheel size of the vehicles that will be passing over them, thereby ensuring maximum dust removal.

ROPS Installation

We supply and install ROPS on excavators and other earth moving machinery.

Stainless Steel Air Intake Boxes

Our stainless steel air intake boxes offer significantly longer service lives than mild steel boxes, especially in high sulphur environments.  Our intake boxes utilise the same air cleaner elements as the factory originals, eliminating the need to introduce new spare parts to site.

Hydraulic Access Stairs

Our hydraulic access stairs are designed strong, built tough, and have stood the test of time in the harshest of conditions.


We can design and manufacture pressure rated manifolds for any application that you can dream up.  Manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminium, all of our manifolds are pressure tested to guarantee performance in service.

Display Stands

Whether you need display stands for your show room or for a trade exhibition, we can design and manufacture stands that display your products in a professional manner.  Stands are powder coated or painted to automotive standards to ensure maximum visual appeal.

Cable Drum Stands

Our cable drum stands feature an easily removable, but positively retained shaft.  The fork pockets and optional lifting lugs also provide maximum convenience when relocating.

We can custom design and manufacture certified stands that meet your exact requirements in regards to working load limit (WLL), drum width and reel diameter.

Designed and manufactured to Australia standards, our cable drum stands are supplied with a certification report from an RPEQ Mechanical Engineer.

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