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Development Products

Our Development product range is another great example of our “The right parts at the right price” philosophy.

These are products that we have designed to meet a specific brief from a client, all of them overcome a specific problem, save money, create a safer working environment, save significant maintenance time or just get the job done quicker.

We are very proud of this range consisting of innovative original products and aftermarket OEM products.

Our aftermarket OEM product range includes bolting platforms and steps, wings for continuous miner shovels, shuttle car outriggers, and much, much more.

Our original products include a range of universal joints which have been modified specifically to suit shuttle cars.  They feature four grease nipples in each joint, as opposed to the 1 or 2 nipples that are normally supplied.  This ensures that a grease nipple in each joint is accessible at all times.  This saves time during maintenance, ensures every universal joint gets greased and eliminates the temptation for maintenance personnel to grease the universal joints without isolating the shuttle car which can lead to injury

Our double hex spanner was designed specifically for the task of installing and removing cutter heads on continuous miners.  The double hex makes it easier to fit the spanner onto the cutter head bolts, thereby dramatically speeding up the process of installing and removing the bolts.

Our on-board water tank system for QDS Bolting Baskets which allows the installation of roof bolts when reticulated water is not available saving the time and hassle of running out hundreds of metres of water hose.

ICM Cabinet Parts & Valve Bank Covers

Whether you require exact replicas of your original covers, or whether you need design improvements, we can meet all of your valve bank cabinet needs.

Laser Brackets

We have three different styles of laser bracket for you to choose from.
  1. Our Traditional laser bracket is an industry stalwart.  The combination of a short drop and a long drop allows maximum flexibility.
  2. Our Easy Adjust laser bracket resembles a traditional laser bracket, but includes convenient tee handles which provide adjustment in three planes to make aligning the laser quicker and easier.
  3. Our Adjustment Free laser brackets (pictured) suspends the laser from a string-line that has been surveyed in.  The precision manufactured bracket ensures the laser beam is always parallel with the string-line.

Continuous Miner Light Brackets

We can supply light brackets to an existing design, or we can develop a custom design to meet your exact requirements.  Height, adjustment range and number of lights can all be customised.  Our light brackets are zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance.

Flight Guides

Our design and manufacturing expertise ensures that our flight guides are a risk free way for you to save money.  Our flight guides are accurate reproductions of the originals both dimensionally and in their metallurgy.

Rib Bolter Hose Guides

Our rib bolter hose guides prevent the bolter hoses from rubbing on the frame of the machine, thereby protecting the hoses from damage.  This not only saves downtime, but also protects your operators from exposure to hydraulic fluid injection injury.

Bolting Platforms and Steps

We can reproduce bolting platforms and steps to your existing designs.  We can also develop improved designs that are less prone to damage, and are easier to change out when they do get damaged.

Rib Fall Protection Guards

Rib falls are an unfortunately common occurrence underground, and the consequences can be disastrous.  Our rib fall protection guards provide a physical barrier, helping to protect your operators from serious injuries.

Drill Rig Lock Nuts

The design of these drill rig lock nuts was improved to allow better access for maintenance.

Filter Element Kits

Our filter element kits improve the efficiency of maintenance days.  While we can customise the contents of our kits to meet your requirements, typically they include all of the filters and seals required for a scheduled service.

Modified Shuttle Car Universal Joints

Our range of universal joints have four grease nipples instead of the usual one or two.  So no matter what position the driveshaft is in, there is always a grease nipple accessible.  The benefits of this are three-fold:
  1. It saves time as there is no longer a need to de-isolate the shuttle car and jog the wheels to get a grease nipple into position
  2. It increases the likelihood of every universal joint being greased every time, and thereby reduces the likelihood of downtime
  3. It reduces the temptation for maintenance personnel to grease the universals without isolating correctly, and therefore reduces risk
The strength of the modified joints has been verified by finite element analysis, and has been proven in service over a period of years. Our current range includes 5-155XHD and 5-279XD joints.  Other joints can be supplied on request.

Shuttle Car Outriggers

The design of our outriggers save you time and money by allowing replacement of shuttle car cables without removing rollers.  Our outriggers come complete with FRAS polyurethane guide rollers.

Rib Bolter Transport Frame

Our transport frame is the safest and most efficient tool for transporting spare rib bolters in and out of the mine.  Features include:
  • Four way fork access
  • Positions for 2 x rib bolters
  • Trunion mounts and ratchet straps to secure the bolters to the frame

Boom Locking Pins

We can supply boom locking pins to your existing design, or with design improvements as required.

Cutter Head Spanner (with double hex)

The unique, double hex design of our cutter head spanners saves over 3 hours every cutter head change-out.

Cutter Head Transport Frame

Our cutter head transport frame is designed to make removal, transport and installation of cutter heads quicker and safer.   The frame features tilt and pivot adjustment to make it easier to align the cutter head with the mounting surface.  The frame can be towed from either end.

Water Tank for QDS Bolting Basket

Our water tank and water pump system for QDS bolting baskets allows you the flexibility of installing roof bolts in parts of the mine where reticulated water is not available.  The system is designed to be retrofitted to existing QDS bolting baskets.  The control system integrates seamlessly - only a single valve needs to be operated to changeover from tank water mode to reticulated water mode.  Water supply starts instantly when drilling commences, and manual flush functionality is retained. The system includes a float assembly which stops drilling operations if the tank runs dry, and a relief valve to prevent over-pressure events if a drill steel blocks. The system has been proven in service, typically achieving between 8 and 15 roof bolts installed per tank of water, depending on the prevailing strata conditions.

Mesh Handling Frame

Designed for unloading bundles of mesh off transport, and for reloading them for transport underground, our mesh handling frames offers significant benefits:
  • Reduced labour costs through increased efficiency
  • Reduced material costs due to less product damage
  • Reduced risk of injury to personnel
Designed and manufactured to Australian standards, our mesh handling frames are supplied with a certification report from an RPEQ Mechanical Engineer.

Drill Motor Carrying Frame

We will be adding more information about this product in the near future. Please visit again, or contact us and we will happily provide further details sooner.

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