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Our OEM Support Service is a fully integrated design, manufacturing and project management service, designed to make local customisation of new earthmoving equipment easier and more cost effective. We like to think we set the benchmark when it comes to machine customisation.

Our service typically encompasses handrail modifications, access ladders, fire suppression system mounts, lighting brackets, two way radio brackets, and all of the other ancillary components that are fabricated locally to meet site specific customer requirements.

The key benefits this service delivers to our customers include:

  • Cost savings – through shorter build cycles and smaller build crews
  • Ease of pre-planning – all components can be pre-ordered by part number from a picking list
  • Cost certainty – component prices are known in advance and can be quoted to customers when customisations are requested
  • Repeatability – all components are fabricated to manufacturing standards and can be accurately reproduced whenever required
  • Consistency – using the same components each time allows wiring looms, etc. to be pre-manufactured, saving time and money on site
  • All components are shop manufactured instead of site fabricated, providing the twin benefits of superior quality and improved finish
  • All parts are drafted and allocated part numbers which allows for easy inclusion in spare parts manuals

Services Offered

The services offered can include any or all of the following elements:

Design and Drafting

  • Measuring and drafting of existing component designs
  • Modification of existing component designs
  • Design of new components


  • Establishment and maintenance of a component register
  • Supply of updated drawings in electronic format on a regular basis
  • Establishment of picking lists for ease of ordering
  • Management of modification requests from build managers


  • Fabrication and painting of components to manufacturing quality standards
  • Kitting of components into machine specific build kits, complete with fasteners.
  • All components can be individually wrapped and labelled.


  • Installation of components on site (Jet Engineering has highly skilled personnel and fully equipped, mine site compliant site units)
  • Capturing of modifications and new components during the build

Confidentiality Assured

Our focus is on building long term business relationships with our clients.  To achieve this we recognise that our service needs to meet with your requirments.  To this end:

  • All components are supplied unbranded, or branded with your details
  • Confidentiality is maintained at all times
  • Ownership of IP remains with your business at all times
  • All drawings are completed on your drawing template, and electronic copies are provided to you on a regular basis
  • We’ll only sell these components to you. Any approaches from other entities will be redirected to the appropriate person in your organization

We pride ourselves on acting with integrity at all times.

Download our OEM Support Product Brochure

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