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Innovation from Concept to Commissioning

At Jet we are proud of our track record for delivering quality, innovative products that get the job done and reduce costs and improve productivity for our clients. Check out some of our favourite projects.

  • Xstrata Newlands Coal Tyre Handler

    Description: QDS Tyre Handler
    Duration: 42 weeks
    Deliverable: Design, manufacture and testing of prototype QDS Tyre Handler
    Achievements: The QDS Tyre Handler is the first of its kind in the world. Featuring a combination of off the shelf and custom manufactured components, the design has been certified for a WLL of 900kg. The finished product was described by the customer as being “exquisite”

  • North Goonyella Coal Dewatering Pods

    Description: QDS Dewatering Pods
    Duration: 57 weeks (in two stages)
    Deliverable: Design, manufacture and testing of 9 x QDS Dewatering Pods
    Achievements: Designed from the ground up for simplicity of operation, and ease of maintenance. The completely modular design ensures that every maintenance activity can be carried out safely and quickly, ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the asset.

  • BMA Broadmeadow Mine Portal Extension Structure

    Description: Portal Extension Structure
    Duration: 18 weeks
    Deliverable: Design, manufacture and trial assembly of extension structure for A Portal at Broadmeadow Mine
    Achievements: The design work for this project was so thorough that installation on site was completed in less than 5 days, and without any field modifications. Project was delivered on time and within budget.

  • Mackay Sugar Mollasses Pipeline

    Description: Stainless Steel Mollasses Pipeline
    Duration: 30 weeks
    Deliverable: Supply and manufacture of 150m of DN450 316 stainless steel piping, and installation to underside of conveyor gantry at Mackay Harbour
    Achievements: Manufacture and installation were completed on time and on budget, and with zero safety incidents. Manufacture was carried out in accordance with the requirements for Class 3 piping, as per AS4041-1998.

  • North Goonyella Coal Chain Reelers

    Description: QDS Chain Reelers
    Duration: 14 weeks
    Deliverable: Design, manufacture and commissioning of 3 x QDS Chain Reelers
    Achievements: Fresh, innovative design; Built strong to withstand the harsh underground environment; Project was delivered on time and within budget.

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