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Conveyor Products

Our range of conveyor related products is a great illustration of our unique ability to respond to our customers’ needs and deliver a high quality, custom manufactured solution.

We have a long history of working on and around conveyors that pre-dates the formation of Jet Engineering. Our in depth knowledge of the complexities of conveyor systems allows us to understand our customers’ requirements, and deliver high quality products that do what they are supposed to do.

We are very conversant with the standards relating the conveyor belts which, for example, allows us to ensure that all of our conveyor guards comply with AS1755:2000.

Transfer Chutes

From simple bash plates to complex hood and spoons, we can supply all of your transfer chute requirements.  We can fabricate transfer chutes from any of the following materials:
  • Mild steel lined with ceramic tiles
  • Mild steel lined with duaplate wear liners
  • Bisalloy plate
  • 3CR12 stainless steel
We have a long history of working with conveyors and transfer chutes that pre-dates the formation of Jet Engineering.  We understand the complexities of designing transfer chutes, and the consequences of getting it wrong.  To this end, we collaborate with a leader in the field of transfer chute design to offer a full service of design, manufacture and installation.

Transfer Chute Inspection Doors

Between our standard designs and our custom designed solution, we have all of your transfer chute inspection door requirements covered.

Conveyor Guards

Well designed conveyor guards significantly enhance the safety of your workforce, while simultaneously ensuring compliance with required standards.  Poorly designed and / or installed guards on the other hand can have just the opposite effect, making life more difficult for maintenance personnel, and exposing you to OH & S risk if they are left uninstalled after maintenance work. We go to great lengths to ensure that our guards tick all the boxes:
  • Enhance workforce safety
  • Quick and easy to remove and install
  • Comply with AS1755:2000
We can manufacture guards from mild steel or aluminium.  Finish options include painting and powder coating.

Underpass Guards

We supply a range of underpass guards to suit various widths and styles of conveyor structure.  Our custom designed hanging brackets ensure quick and easy installation.

Overpasses (walkovers)

We can manufacture overpasses (walkovers) to your design, or we can custom design and manufacture units to meet your requirements.  Mounting options include free standing, or supported by the conveyor structure.

Diagonal Plough Scrapers

We can custom manufacture diagonal plough scrapers to meet your requirments.  Options include:
  • Left hand discharge or right hand discharge
  • Width tailored to suit your conveyor width
  • Various blade hardnesses available
  • FRAS blade material

Jib Frames

We can modify your existing jib frame, or design and manufacture a new frame from the ground up.

Idler Frames

We can manufacture fixed or pivoting idler frames to meet your requirements.

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