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General Underground Products

We have very strong working relationships with our underground mining clients which means we are often the first people they call when they want a well-designed solution to a problem. We love a challenge so over time have developed a range of products that we can now offer to the market.

While these products may be the “orphans” amongst our Underground Mining Products range, they are still designed with industry leading knowledge of the environment they will be used in, and are built to the same Jet standard. Our range of innovations include

  • Our unique crib-wash basin which brings some comfort to the crib room, while at the same time reducing damage to the underground roadways by preventing water from being spilled onto them.
  • Our range of machine stands that have been specifically designed for use with drift runners and underground LHD’s, and are certified to Australian standards.
  • Our QDS attachment locks provide a secure and convenient method of securing QDS attachments.

Water Tank for QDS Bolting Basket

Our water tank and water pump system for QDS bolting baskets allows you the flexibility of installing roof bolts in parts of the mine where reticulated water is not available.  The system is designed to be retrofitted to existing QDS bolting baskets.  The control system integrates seamlessly - only a single valve needs to be operated to changeover from tank water mode to reticulated water mode.  Water supply starts instantly when drilling commences, and manual flush functionality is retained. The system includes a float assembly which stops drilling operations if the tank runs dry, and a relief valve to prevent over-pressure events if a drill steel blocks. The system has been proven in service, typically achieving between 8 and 15 roof bolts installed per tank of water, depending on the prevailing strata conditions.

Crib-Wash Basin

Our unique crib-wash basins are designed to bring a bit of comfort to the crib room, while at the same time water damage to underground roadways.  A single handle turns on the water and also the discharge pump.  The waste water can be pumped into a pipe range, into a sump, or onto a conveyor belt.  Features include
  • Fork pockets for ease of transport
  • Tough steel frame that is built to withstand the underground environment
  • Stainless steel sink and cabinet for corrosion resistance
We have units available for sale and hire.

Cable Bolt Bracket

A sturdy, compact bracket for hanging cable bolts on the rib prior to installation.  Designs other than the one shown are available on request.

Trickle Dusters

Our trickle dusters are well thought out and built to our characteristic high standards.  Features include reed valves to prevent over and under pressurising of the drum.  Perfect for stonedusting belt roads and returns. We also manufacture stonedust spears for use with bulk stonedust bags.

Stonedust Spears

We will be adding more information about this product in the near future. Please visit again, or contact us and we will happily provide further details sooner.

Cache Doors

Our cache doors are designed for use in the building of self rescuer cache rooms.  Features include:
  • Integrated door frame for ease of installation
  • Inward opening design to allow cache room to be pressurised
  • Stainless steel "depressurising door", to make opening main door easier
  • Rubber seals which seal on doorframe, to prevent gas ingress
  • Heavy duty hinges for improved service life
  • Sheeted with zinc anneal sheet for corrosion resistance

Gunset Prop Carrier

Ideal for carting gunset props and a wide variety of other equipment around the mine.  Length, width and height can all be customised to meet your requirements.

Oil Transport Baskets

Perfect for carting 20 litre drums of gear and hydraulic oil into the mine, and for storing it in the panel.  Available with or without bunding, depending on your requirements.  Our current design holds up to 54 drums.  Other sizes are available on request.

Gas / Water Seperator

Custom designed and manufactured, our gas / water separators are are supplied as a registered pressure vessel.  Our design has been certified, verified and registered, and our vessels are manufactured under full QA.  All of this combines to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that the vessels are fit for their intended purpose.

QDS Attachment Locks

The benefits of QDS attachment locks are many.
  1. They prevent new attachments from being used before introduction to site is completed
  2. The prevent out of service attachments from being used while they are waiting for repairs
  3. They prevent "inter-departmental" disputes over attachments by identifying and segregating longwall attachments from development attachments (for example)
  4. They prevent mixing of colliery owned and contractor owned attachments
  5. They improve efficiency of projects and down days: attachments can be staged with certainty that they will be there when they are required
Our heavy duty, anti-tamper QDS attachment locks are strong, secure and highly visible.  Features include:
  • One piece design, preventing loss of parts
  • Bolt cutter proof
  • Powder coated for corrosion resistance
  • Available in a range of colours for identification purposes

Machine Stands

Our current range of machine stands includes designs to suit LHD's and Driftrunners.  Our stands can be supplied with an optional trolley for positioning the stands under a vehicle without manual handling.  We also offer the option of wheels and a handle for fine positioning of the stands under a vehicle. Our stands are designed an manufactured to Australian standards, and are supplied complete with certification by an RPEQ Mechanical Engineer.

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