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Longwall Products

Jet’s long term history in underground mining means we have a great understanding of what clients need when it comes to quality, performance and safety. Our longwall product range consists of a mixture of innovative original products and aftermarket OEM products.

Original design products include Bretby installation tools, which prevent serious injuries to operators’ hands and our spray nozzle strainer / adaptors which prevent blockage of spray nozzles, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.

Our aftermarket OEM products are high quality replicas of OEM parts. In many cases the Jet parts feature design improvements to make them longer lasting than genuine components.

We take pride in producing consistently quality components with high quality welding and consistent weld sizes. We supply parts ready assembled with all of the pins, etc. required for installation. We also make sure the products are well presented when dispatched, so they look good when they arrive on site.

When it comes to aftermarket OEM products at Jet, it’s all about “The right parts at the right price”


Our flippers are manufactured to Jet's high standards, and supplied complete with all linkages, pins, and fasteners required for installation.

Side Seals

We use semi-automated weld processes to efficiently manufacture side seals to the highest standards of quality. Our side seals are supplied complete with all of the pins and fasteners required for installation.

PM4 Brackets

Whether you require replicas of your current brackets, or whether you require design improvements, we can manufacture PM4 brackets that match your exact requirements.

Centre Walkways

Our centre walkways are designed to prevent injuries and save money.  Surfaced with 316 stainless steel perforated plate, they provide 360° slip resistance, with the maximum service life.

Pontoon Covers / Tread Plates

In addition to providing an even, non-slip surface over the entire pontoon, our pontoon covers have innovative features that prevent the prevent the polyurethane from peeling, and that prevent the front corners of the covers from lifting.

These factors work together to ensure that our pontoon covers provide a safer working environment for longwall operators, while also having a longer service life.

Leg Cylinder Valve Covers

Our leg cylinder valve covers are a great example of our "right parts at the right price" philosophy.  Our covers are jig manufactured to ensure they fit onto your roof supports like an original component, but our low overheads allows us to offer you significant savings.

Shearer Stops

We can accurately replicate your existing shearer stops to provide you with spares.  Or if you need to adjust the travel limits of your shearer, our experienced personnel site measure, design and manufacture new shearer stops that meet your exact requirements.

Steel Sets (Beam Sets)

When a major weighting event happens on a longwall face, a swift reaction is critical to minimise the extent and cost of downtime that inevitably occurs.  We have a proud history of supporting collieries as they work through the difficult process of recovering the face.

Within minutes of receiving a phone call to supply steel sets, we have our design team working on drafting the required components.  Within the first hour, we have materials en route to our workshop to commence manufacture.  Within 24 hours, we have landed an initial batch of steel sets, installation drawings and a certification report on site.  We then devote our entire production workforce to manufacturing the remaining steel sets, on day shift and night, for as long as it takes to get the job done.

When the pressure is on, you can rely on Jet.

Staple Remover (Polly)

Made from BIS 80 plate for improved strength and durability, we have staple removers available in a range of sizes.

Bretby Installation Tools

Our bretby installation tools allow longwall operators to keep their hands out of harms way while reinstalling bretby into the bretby trough.
  • Bretby Installation Tool - 1
  • Bretby Installation Tool - 2

Bretby Tow Brackets

We can design and manufacture bretby tow brackets to suit any combination of bretby and tow arm.

Bretby Spray Arms

We offer a range of spray arms which mount to the shearer main frame and keep the bretby trough clean of debris and build up. A prototype of each design has been destructively tested to ensure the spray arms are capable of withstanding shearer water pump supply pressure.
  • Bretby Sprays - 1
  • Bretby Sprays - 2

Canopy Spray Brackets

Our canopy spray brackets allow sprays to be retrofitted to shield canopies on the face.  The innovative design allows installation to be carried out with no requirement for welding or drilling.  What's more, protrusion of the brackets and sprays from the canopies is minimised, reducing the risk of them being impacted by the shearer.

Spray Nozzle Strainer Adaptors

Our strainer adaptors are designed to be installed between existing spray nozzles and manifolds.  The stainless steel screens filter the water and prevent the sprays from blocking, thereby minimising downtime and maintenance requirements. The adaptor bodies are machined from 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion and maximise service life.

We have a range of sizes available to suit a wide variety of spray nozzle and manifold designs.
  • Spray Nozzles - 2
  • Spray Nozzles - 3
  • Spray Nozzles - 4
  • Spray Nozzles - 1

Crawler Sun Gears

Our crawler sun gears are custom manufactured to replace the units commonly found on the track frames on longwall pump stations and transformer sleds.

Winch Brackets

We can custom design winch brackets to suit your specific roof supports and style of winch, and with the WLL that you require.   Our winch brackets are designed and manufactured to Australian standards, and are supplied complete with certification from an RPEQ Mechanical Engineer.

Starter Roper Guide Brackets

Our starter rope guide brackets are designed to lift the Huesker mesh into position at the commencement of bolt up.

The innovative design allows for rapid installation and removal, with the bare minimum of tooling required.

Shearer Hub Protectors

Our shearer hub protectors prevent damage to the ranging arm hub while the shearer is being transported in and out of the mine.

Chain Reels (AFC & BSL)

Following are some of the features and benefits of our AFC and BSL Chain Reels:
  • Fork pockets for ease of handling
  • Flats on bottom of side plates for stability during transport
  • Minimised core diameter for maximum storage capacity
  • Starter chains for securing chain to core of reel
  • Identification plates specifying the colliery name and the reel #
Also  available as an option are bolt-on filler plates.  These filler plates return the profile of the side plates to a full circle, allowing the reels to be used on roller style reelers at OEM workshops.

Hose and Cable Reels

We offer two designs of hose and cable reels: standard duty and heavy duty.  Both designs have the following features and benefits:
  • Fork pockets for ease of handling
  • Flats on bottom of side plates for stability during transport
  • Cable access through core and cradle inside core for plug storage
  • Identification plates specifying the colliery name and the reel #
Our heavy duty hose and cable reels also come with the option of bolt-on filler plates.  These filler plates return the profile of the side plates to a full circle, allowing the reels to be used on roller style reelers at OEM workshops.
  • Hose Reel - 1
  • Hose Reel - 2
  • Hose Reel (heavy) - 1
  • Hose Reel (heavy) - 2

HT Cable Reels

Our HT Cable Reels offer the following features and benefits:
  • Cradle for securing first plug
  • Cut out through core for cable passage under base layer
  • Relieved area on side for storage of second plug
  • Identification plates specifying the colliery name and the reel #
  • HT Cable Reel - 1
  • HT Cable Reel - 2

Bretby Reels

Following are some of the features and benefits of our Bretby Reels:
  • Anchor plate for securing bretby to reel
  • Anchor plate is interchangeable, allowing reel to be used with different styles of bretby
  • Identification plates specifying the colliery name and the reel #
  • Reel width and diameter can be customised to meet colliery requirements
Please note that depending on the length and style of bretby in use, our bretby reels may or may not be suited for use with our universal QDS Reeler.
  • Bretby Reel - 1
  • Bretby Reel - 2

Monorail A-Frames

Monorail A-Frames are widely used throughout the longwall mining industry for storage and maintenance of monorail festoons and rigid sections.  Our design includes features to make our A-Frames stackable for ease of storage and transport when not in use. Our A-Frames are designed and manufactured to Australian standards, and are supplied complete with a certification report from an RPEQ Mechanical Engineer.

Monorail Hose Maintenance Systems

This system provides a more user-friendly method of maintaining longwall monorail hoses.  The advantages of this system include improved access to the monorail hoses, as well as sufficient clearance to drive an LHD straight through the middle. Designed and manufactured to Australian standards, the system is supplied complete with a certification from an RPEQ Mechanical Engineer.

Monorail Wardrobes

The underground environment is hard on gear at the best of times, but there are very few pieces of equipment that have a harder service life than monorail wardrobes.  We've designed our monorail wardrobes to handle everything you can throw at them.

The main rails feature Bis wear strips from standard to prevent wear to the RHS.  Replaceable bump rails top and bottom prevent damage to the structure, and ensure that when the wardrobes have had a hard time, they can quickly and economically be returned to as new condition.
  • Wardrobe - 4
  • Wardrobe - 3

Ranging Arm Transport Sleds

Our ranging arm transport sleds are re-handable so one sled can be used to transport either ranging arm.

Other features include fork pockets for ease of loading on transport, tow points at either end, numerous tie down points, and removeable guide rails to provide the LHD operator with better visibility of the extremities of the sled.

DCB and CME Transport Sleds

We can custom design and manufacture transport sleds for DCB's, CME's and other electrical enclosures.

Longwall Services Stations

Our services stations are designed with safety, reliability and maintainability in mind.  Features include:
  • Lockable isolation valves on each filter to allow replacement of elements during production
  • Pressure dissipation facilities in each circuit
  • Pall filter housings, mounted upside down to minimise manual handling during element replacement (only the end cap needs to be removed)
  • MDG41 compliant hosing
  • Midwest differential pressure gauges for each filter
  • Removable covers on top, back and sides of services station
  • See-through FRAS curtain on front of services station
  • Fork pockets for ease of transport
The services station mounts to the top of the BSL via a custom designed mounting cradle.  Some features of the cradle include:
  • Inbye and outbye walkways to provide access to the sides of the services station
  • Folding block side walkway to provide access to the back of the services station (walkway folds up if required due to BSL creeping towards to rib)
  • Services Station - 1
  • Services Station - 2

Pick Changing Safety Prop

Our pick changing safety prop provides a quick and convenient means of temporarily supporting the roof to improve operator safety while replacing picks.

The prop features coarse adjustment for rapidly adapting to different cutting heights, and then a rotating handle for setting the prop to the roof.

The prop is available in a low cost steel version, and a light-weight carbon fibre version. Both versions are supplied complete with design certification from an RPEQ Mechanical Engineer.

Roof Support Canopy Stands

Our roof support canopy stands provide a safe and convenient method of supporting roof support canopies while performing maintenance on compensating cylinders and their clevises.

The stands are height adjustable to suit a wide range of roof supports, and feature Rud lugs for ease of relocating.

Designed and manufactured to Australian standards, the stands are supplied complete with a design certification from an RPEQ Mechanical Engineer.

Longwall Move Preparation Service

  Our knowledge of longwall mining, combined with our core skills, allows us to offer this package of services that adds value to your business.

The service starts with a site visit soon after you have completed your longwall relocation and finished commissioning.  We work with you to identify all of the ancillary components that are required during longwall relocations (winch brackets, roof support transport bars, relay bar extensions, shearer hub protectors, etc).
From that point, we can offer any or all of the following services, based on your requirements.
  • Measure and draft any components that aren't already drawn
  • Attain certification for designs if required
  • Allocate part numbers to all components
  • Catalogue components in pdf or Linkone format
  • Audit components in preparation for next longwall move
  • Repair or replace missing and damaged components
  • Store components off site if required

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