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QDS Tyre Handling Products

QDS Tyre Handler

  • Tare Mass: 1600kg
  • WLL: 900kg
  • Ranges of Motion:
    • Raise / Lower - 610mm
    • Reach - 600mm
    • Tilt - Up 3.2°, Down 4.2° (from horizontal)
    • Sideshift - 200mm (100mm either side of centre)
    • Slew - 30° total (15° either side of centre)
    • Rotation - 360° endless rotation in either direction
  • Deadman feature to ensure two handed operation
  • Emergency stop valve to shut down LHD
  • Tyre is gripped inside the rim, to ensure operator safety
  • LHD stays completely stationary while operating tyre handler
  • Modification for use with rig throttle on LHD (bolting mode)
  • Interchangeable jaws to suit different wheels (Joy and Warracar Shuttle Cars, Various LHD's, IT28, etc)
  • Adapter for installing wheel units
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QDS Tyre Transporter

Our QDS Tyre Transporter is designed to simultaneously carry a full set of spare wheels and our QD900 Tyre Handler.  Everything required for a full shuttle car tyre replacement can be carried into the panel in a single trip, improving efficiency and reducing costs. The wheels are stored on slide-out racks, allowing change out of a full set of shuttle car wheels without repositioning the tyre transporter. Optional fifth rack eliminates the requirement to double handle the first wheel removed from the shuttle car (suitable for 10 tonne LHD's only).

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